What’s a Breathalyzer App?   

A breathalyzer app really doesn’t exist. People who search for a breathalyzer app are often looking for a) the device that you can plug into your iphone that acts like a breath alcohol tester or b) a BAC Calculator. Breathalyzer is a trademarked name and the manufacturers of the Breathalyzer have not created a breathalyzer app.

What’s a BAC Calculator?

A BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) Calculator let’s people input certain characteristics and drink information. The BAC Calculator then calculates and gives you an idea of what your blood alcohol content would be.

What does the BAC Calculator do?

Our BAC Calculator is by far one of the most comprehensive BAC Calculators on the market today. It’s comprehensive because it takes into consideration a few critical factors that the others do not.

When using our calculator, we calculate:
– Your age
– You height
– Your weight
– Your gender
– How frequent you drink
– How hungry you are
– Number of Beers, Wine or Spirits you have drunk

FYI – We have over 2000 beers in our database with the respective alcohol percentage for that beer!

How accurate is our BAC Calculator?

Within our calculator, we use formulas created by CG Labs. CG Labs has been using these same formulas for over 10 years in U.S. Courts to help DUI Lawyers and Prosecutors defend or prosecute DUI suspects.

The U.S. Courts have recognized these formulas as reputable, scientific based formulas.

What’s so special about this BAC Calculator?

Lots of things…….

First – it takes into consideration important variables that other calculators don’t making it that much more accurate.

Second – it’s easy to use.

Third – it can be run real-time or you can forecast your BAC.

Fourth: We have over 2000 beers we we’ve identified the BAC percentage of that respective beer.

Fifth: You can use the calculator to keep track of the number of drinks you have that night.

Sixth: You can see on our graph when you will reach the max limit and when you’ll be sober. In other words – you can forecast and plan your night!

Seventh: It beats a semiconductor breathalyzer any day…..

Eighth: If you forget to input a drink, you can go back in time. That’s really cool….and it happens all of the time!

Who created this?


Our Calculator is a partnership effort between CG Labs and BuzzCheck.CG Labs is a forensic analytical laboratory that specializes in the analysis of alcohol (ethanol) in blood and breath samples for clients involved in DWI (Driving while Intoxicated) or DUI (Driving Under the Influence) cases. With over 10 years working in the field, CG Labs is a respected source of information from Counties, States and DUI Lawyers.

BuzzCheck is a cause marketing company based in the Windy City. The company promotes responsible drinking habits thru online campaigns, social media, and their innovative BAC Calculator. BuzzCheck simply wants to help people stay out of trouble by staying DUI-free.


There are a lot of BAC Calculators in the market. Which one is the best?

There are a lot of BAC Calculators (or as some state, breathalyzer apps) in the market today. How do you know which one is the best?

Accuracy is the most important point. If you are using a BAC Calculator, you need to have some confidence that the BAC Calculator is accurate.

Unfortunately, very few websites talk about how they developed their formulas. Determining a person’s BAC is quite complicated as it takes into account numerous points such as age, gender, weight, height, tolerancy, hunger, type of drink, etc. It’s not that easy to develop a database of formulas to consider each and every one of these important points.

However, it’s probably safe to assume that most BAC Calculators on the market today use either the Widmark or Watson formula.

The Widmark formula was the first formula ever developed to identify blood alcohol content. It is a straight line equation and it can only tell you the maximum absorption rate a person will reach when drinking. This formulas does not consider height or age which can drastically affect your blood alcohol content.

After Widmark, the Watson formula was developed. This too is a straight line equation meaning it will only tell you the maximum absorption rate (or your max BAC percentage). It will not tell you how long it will take to get to the max rate. (For example, it “assumes” you drink your entire drink immediately. It does not take into consideration the fact that most people take 20-30 minutes to drink their drink. Unlike Widmark, it does take into consideration age and height.

This is a problem with many of the BAC Calculators in the market as it will show a higher BAC reading than the true BAC reading as it assume you drank your drink within less than a minute.

What does your formula do?

Our formula, the Kinetics model, was developed by CG Labs. It is one of the most sophisticated formulas in the market today.

It is much more sophisticated than Widmark or Watson as it takes into consideration how fast the stomach empties, how fast alcohol goes into the intestines and how long it takes to eliminate alcohol from the body.

An easy way of explaining the difference between the Kinetics model and Watson/Widmark is that our Calculator will show you how long it will take to get to maximum absorption and how long it will take to get sober.

Who uses the Kinetics formula?

The Kinetics formula is based on a combination of published models within the market.

The Kinetics formula is a trusted source that is often used by U.S. Courts. State and county governments as well as DUI Lawyers depend on the Kinetics formula to either defend or negate a person’s blood alcohol level at the time she was stopped by the police.

DUI Lawyers who have used the Kinetics formula found in our BAC Calculator

  • Law Office of Mark Stevens
  • Law office of Leonard Harden
  • Schwartz & Schwartz
  • Elliott & MacLean
  • Thomas W Costello

Our BAC Calculator’s focus is to:

  • educate you on the number of drinks you can have before you are over the limit
  • educate you on how long it takes to get to the max Blood Alcohol Content limit and
  •  understand how long it takes get completely sober.