BuzzCheckA good BAC Calculator over time will calculate your estimated BAC (blood alcohol content) and will take time into consideration.

This is important as not all BAC Calculators take into consideration time – and time does affect how quickly the BAC percentages rise.

Our BAC Calculator is based on the Kinetics formula and it takes into consideration time. Many of the BAC Calculators in the market today are based on the Widmark or Watson formula which assume that a drinker is having (for example) 3 drinks right away – instead of having a drink every 30 minutes, which is what most drinkers do.

The problem with BAC Calculators that do not consider time is that the BAC percentage will consistently be higher than what the real BAC would be as it thinks the drinker is consuming 3 drinks right away.

Here is a picture that shows our BAC Calculator requesting information about time.

BAC Calculator over Time

This is a great tool as you can use this to forecast your drinking night.

Let’s say you enjoy drinking Fat Tire.

You can input as many drinks as you want in order to plan your drinking night.

Let’s say it generally takes  :30 minutes to consume 1 beer. The BAC Calculator would run accordingly:

Drink 4: 120 minutes ago
Drink 3: 90 minutes ago
Drink 2: 60 minutes ago
Drink 1: 30 minutes ago

Here is a picture of an average male consuming 4 Fat Tires over a course of 2 hours.

BAC Calculator over time

A good BAC Calculator over time will help a drinker not only understand how long it will take them to get to the max BAC but it will also tell them how long it will take to be completely sober.

Regarding time, it takes a long time for alcohol to rid itself from the body. A conservative estimate shows 5 ounces alcohol per hour or .015 percent per hour. This is one variable that stays constant for everybody.

Time is the only thing that will bring down a BAC percentage. While eating and drinking water may feel like a person is “sobering up”, it is only time that will affect a BAC percentage.

Running a BAC Calculator over time helps drinkers understand their drinking levels. In order for this to be most accurate, it must be run in real-time. However, our BAC Calculator can be run prior to drinking in order to give the drinker a guideline or estimate of what the BAC percentages would be.

*Average male is 30 years, 5’10, 191 pounds. He is a moderate drinker (not light nor heavy) and is neither hungry nor full.
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